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          Partner to the
          cloud powerhouses

          Informatica is trusted by many of the enterprise-cloud heavy hitters to integrate, innovate, and accelerate the power of your data—from a global network of cloud platform providers to systems integrators, ISVs and more.


          Our Partner Network

          Get the best—with the best

          Made up of many of the world’s top companies, our trusted network is here to help you invigorate your business.

          Technology Partners

          Modernize your data and analytics strategy with purpose-built cloud data management.

          System Integrators

          Maximize the capabilities of your enterprise data technologies with delivery services and vertical solutions.


          Boost the value of your product chain with SaaS offerings, applications, specialized analytics—and more.


          Resellers are independent businesses that expand Informatica’s selling reach and added value to our products.


          Collaboration—solving your most
          complex challenges

          Hear from Our Partners

          From complex integration to rising costs, organizations must tackle today’s data infrastructure challenges. Hear how Informatica and Google Cloud provide the solution.
          Competing in the new economy means unleashing the power of data to maximize AI and analytics initiatives. See how Informatica and Databricks help their customers push their data to new levels.
          Harnessing the latest innovations in cloud, AI, MDM, and more can drive strategy and deliver intelligent insights. Check out how Informatica and Deloitte combine their expertise.

          Join us

          Let’s win this race together

          Our partnerships are growth enterprises, born from mutual investment, innovation, and dedication. Maximize your potential with our partner benefits.

          Access industry-leading technology
          Expand your business opportunities and deliver profitable customer engagements and business outcomes with our Intelligent Data Management Cloud, the industry's most comprehensive cloud-native data management platform.

          Get extensive sales collaboration
          Work with our sales teams to jointly address customer challenges, plus earn incentives for becoming a reseller.

          Accelerate your time to market
          Tap into our dedicated programs, including a variety of marketing materials that will help you customize campaigns, sponsor events, fundraise, and more.

          Partner Resources

          Already a partner? Dive into our library of exclusive partner resources. These materials provide pro tips on customer engagement and converting disparate data into cohesive data intelligence.

          Partner Activity and Resource Center

          PARC is your comprehensive hub for training, sales, marketing assets, opportunity management, and rich partner content.