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      Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Salesforce Einstein Analytics

      Turnkey Data Management for Salesforce Einstein Analytics


      Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Salesforce Einstein Analytics solution delivers the industry’s leading cloud data integration and data quality platform for analysts and admins.

      Augment your Salesforce Einstein Analytics implementation instantly with data from business applications such as IBM, DB2, SAP, and NetSuite and on-premises databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata for rapid 360° insights that drive overall efficiency.

      As your implementation grows, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services will enable you to transition seamlessly between Salesforce Einstein Analytics, Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and so on. We make great data available wherever it needs to go.?

      Solutions Packaged to Fit Your Needs

      Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Einstein Analytics - Professional

      30-day free trial
      • Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Integration Base
      • Three Enterprise Connectors: One Salesforce source, one Tier C data source, and target connector to Einstein Analytics
      • Unlimited file-based data sources, users, and job scheduling
      • Pre-built integration templates for Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud objects
      • 100s of powerful data transformations
      • 15 million data rows processed each month

      Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Einstein Analytics - Standard?

      30-day free trial
      • All the data integration features listed in Professional
      • Advanced data flow mapping designer
      • Additional 35 million rows of data processing per month
      • 15 million data rows processed each month

      Optional Upgrades

      • Additional Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services data blocks
      • Upgrades available to full Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services offerings
      • Additional Tier-C and Tier-B source connectors?

      Training at Success Academy


      Accelerate Your Training

      The accelerated training path will quickly give you the core knowledge you need to deliver a successful project using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services. In addition to our Foundational Series, we have supplemental courses covering advanced data integration, cloud analytics, and much more. You will also have access to regularly scheduled office hours with a Virtual CSA (Cloud Solutions Architect) to address any questions about the course work.

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