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      Transform Insights into Customer Joy

      Unparalleled customer experiences need intelligent data

      Why intelligent data matters to CX more than ever

      Data-driven CX creates joy through more relevant interactions—making people’s lives easier. By connecting data across your business, you can uncover insights, improve marketing outcomes, and create lasting relationships.


      How a data-driven CX strategy benefits your business

      A complete, contextual understanding of your customers comes from highly connected data.

      Create seamless experiences

      Acquire, grow and retain the right customers and accounts across every channel by uncovering data insights from every click, swipe, and chat.

      Drive meaningful engagement

      Personalize digital interactions with more relevant marketing segmentation, product recommendations, account management, and ecommerce.

      Grow customer loyalty and retention

      Understand what customers are looking for and what they want in order to create relationships that last, resulting in less churn and higher trust.


      JDRF Uses Data to Help Improve Lives.

      “With Informatica, we’re taking control of our data to become the premier global diabetes therapy accelerator so we can make life-changing breakthroughs possible sooner.”

      Sri Mishra

      CTO, JDRF


      Drive personalized engagement and relationship management, make strategic, data-driven decisions, and increase productivity to meet future needs for fundraising, research, and advocacy


      Informatica MDM – Customer 360 creates a single view of supporter and location domains and synchronizes that data with operational systems.


      Up to 40 percent productivity improvement and Increased conversion rates through personalized, omnichannel supporter experiences.

      On-Demand Webinar

      CX Perspectives: The Future of Banking and CX

      CX expert Blake Morgan and Ana Delgado, CXO at Union Bank of the Philippines, share innovations in customer centricity.